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Nuestro camión MIXER o TROMPO, se ofrece sobre la configuración 1518. El mixer tiene una capacidad de 4.000 litros, con un volumen geométrico total de 7.900 litros, y un tanque de agua de 450 litros. La potencia usada es de 65-70 HP, con 14 RPM max.

Nota: Las especificaciones pueden cambiar debido a nuevas modificaciones.

A Model of Retiability and performance

It is not without reason that Stetter truck mixers are the number one in Europe and India. They have been setting standards for an entire market for many years. For example, with the drive system by means of a directly flange-mounted gear running In an oil bath. Developed and already installed as standard equipment by Stetter when other manufacturers were still using chains or gear ring pinions to drive their drums. Today this type of drive has became a worldwide standard for truck mixers. The reliable operation and economy of our truck mixers are the consequences of the leading manufactueres' consistent efforts to enhance the quality of gear and hydraulic components with our backing. Or with the drum designed for maximum performance. Thanks to the technically well-conceived shape of the mixing spirals. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and precisely matching material thicknesses provided for a low dead weight and a long service life. Technically perfected design, production quality, proverbial excellent service, reliability and great economy over many years pay off for the user. Experience that is irreplaceable and whose results have been implemented in every Stetter truck mixer. Stetter truck mixers of 4 cbm capacity are mounted on three axle chassis.

A leader in Design and Workmanship

Large sized forged rollers provided with a cover for operational safety and as protection against dirt. Levers for infinitely variable adjustment of rotational speed and direction. For easy and reliable operation. In corrosion-proof special steel.

The Drum Concept: Perfected, Superior. Convincing down to the smallest detail

The convincing quality of Stetter drums proves itself after years of application when the advantages of the many design features have been brought out in pratice.This begins with the statically and functionally ideal shape of the drum. With a large diameter of the largest possible mixing chamber volume. With an arched drum bottom and stiffening cone with wear protection to provide corresponding stability. With additional plates on the drum shell on transitional points that are particularly subject to wear. The drum wall thickness in these places is thus increased to 9 mm without unnecessary increase of weight. This provides safety for innumerable cubic meters of work output. The mixing drum and spirals are made of highly wear resistant steel with a high percentage of chromium (0.8%) and nickel (0.6%). The apparent yielding point of 430 N/mm2 and the tensile strength of 540 600 N/mm2 are just two features that prove the capacity of resistant to wear. The well conceived thickness of the mixing spirals and drum shell (exclusive use of materials with "+" tolerances) round off this economically-sound solution.

Drum Shell

4.5 mm plate thickness from bottom to discharge ring. 3.0 mm plate thickness at final cone Stetter's concept goes even further with the design and arrangement of the mixing spirals made of wear- resistant steel. The great number of starts ensures fast charging, thorough mixing as well as fast and above all, uniform discharge. With all consistencies (such as according to DIN 1045 German Standards). Additional wear protection on the spiral by means of flat steel increases the service life and reduces operating costs. Mixing spirals: 4.0 mm plate thickness Furthermore our wearing protection on the mixing spirals measuring 30 x8 mm provides extra safeguarding against premature wear and enhances the stability of the spirals. The charging and discharge devices permit extremely fast feeding and discharging. For more efficient and economical operation, the shape of the charging hopper with its "spring¬board" effect results in launching of


Información adicional

  • Tipo: Hino
  • Modelo: 6DTI 2S
  • Potencia máxima: 151 KW @ 2503 rpm
  • Torque máximo: 69,6 kgm @ 1303 rpm
  • Capacidad de tanque: 350 lts.
  • Transmisión / Embrague

  • Tipo: Sincronizada 9 + 1R
  • Modelo: ZF 9S 109
  • Embrage: Axial spring push type clutch (15" RDC ceramic)
  • Ejes / Cardan

  • Delantera: "I" section non driven, Reverse Elliot
  • Capacidad de carga (Kg): 6 Tonnes
  • Trasera: Single Reduction
  • Capacidad de carga (Kg): 12,5 tonnes
  • Relación diferencial: 4.63
  • Cardan Modelo: 1700 series
  • Chasis

  • Suspensión / Dirección

  • Delantera: Semi elíptica multi leaf
  • Trasera: Semi elíptica multi leaf with equalizer link at rear
  • Aros y Neumáticos

  • Tipo: Simples
  • Medida de neumáticos: 295/80r22.5" - 14PR highway pattern
  • Frenos

  • Tipo: Dual line full air brake with ABS
  • Sistema: ABS on both front & rear
  • Sistema Eléctrico

  • Velocidad máxima: 87 kmph
  • Peso

  • Dimensiones

  • Opcionales

  • Volqueta

  • Datos Especiales

  • Cabina

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